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Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Fantastic Abs

WEEK 8 • 17m

Up Next in WEEK 8

  • Barre Burn with Weights

    The weights are always optional! In just ten minutes, you'll feel all of your muscles get a great workout. Barre always brings me back to my dance days.

    Heel lift pulses
    Plies with pulses and heel lifts
    Reverse lunge pulses + second position plies
    All fours, rows + triceps

  • Magic Circle Workout

    When holding onto the circle, make sure to keep the fingers long. When the circle is near the ankles, think that you hug onto the circle from your upper inner thighs.

    Upper body warm up
    Table top hugs into the circle
    Magic circle marches
    The hundred
    The roll up with stretch
    Single l...

  • Lower Body Lean

    Second position plies + pulses.
    Chair pose.
    Reverse lunges.
    Knee pulls.
    Pulse 90 degree lunges
    Six o'clocks
    Fire hydrants + pulses
    Turned out bridges
    Parallel bridges
    Inner thigh bridges
    Side kick series
    Modified pigeon stretch