Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Pilates 2.0

WEEK 3 • 20m

Up Next in WEEK 3

  • Arms & Abs No Equipment

    I love being able to workout without any equipment and this workout shows how much you can still feel the burn with just your body weight.

    Arm circles.
    Arm v's.
    Wrap under and up.
    Reach up/down.
    90 degree rotation with pulses.
    Knee cross twists.
    Tick tock twist.
    Scissor twists, lift ...

  • Lower Body Lean

    Second position plies + pulses.
    Chair pose.
    Reverse lunges.
    Knee pulls.
    Pulse 90 degree lunges
    Six o'clocks
    Fire hydrants + pulses
    Turned out bridges
    Parallel bridges
    Inner thigh bridges
    Side kick series
    Modified pigeon stretch

  • Full Body Burn

    Jumping jacks
    Air squats + twist
    Inch worms
    Plank twists
    Plank knee to nose + oblique lifts
    The hundred
    Tricep dips
    Ab series
    Shoulder bridges
    Push ups