Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Barre Burn with Weights

WEEK 2 • 10m

Up Next in WEEK 2

  • Long and Lean

    Finding length and mobility is key to having a healthy body. This workout focuses on lengthening out those muscles.
    Pike to plank
    Lunge with twist and triangle pose
    The hundred
    Single leg circle with tree
    Ab series
    Spine stretch forward
    Three-legged dog
    Forearm side kick series

  • Full Body Burn

    Jumping jacks
    Air squats + twist
    Inch worms
    Plank twists
    Plank knee to nose + oblique lifts
    The hundred
    Tricep dips
    Ab series
    Shoulder bridges
    Push ups

  • Core Crush

    Feel free to modify by keep legs at table top or a higher angle towards the ceiling when you need! If the head and neck need a break, come down and come back into the work when you are ready.

    The Hundred
    Slip of the hands
    Knee stretches
    Shoulder taps
    Swan stretch
    Ab series