Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Quick Cardio Core

WEEK 11 • 5m 17s

Up Next in WEEK 11

  • Barre Burn 2.0

    Feel the burn, feel the shake! Make sure the standing leg in all the barre work has a soft bend in the knee. That way you feel those muscles working and not the joints.

    Chair squats + pulses
    Reverse lunges + pulses + lifts
    Round de jambe with arabesque lift
    Plie kicks
    Pilates push ...

  • Pilates 101

    Listen to these cues to help get the most ut of your Pilates practice. The beauty of this workout is that you'll take it into all of your other workouts! Pilates 101 is a workout that I hope you keep coming back to!

    The hundred
    Half roll back
    The roll up
    Single leg circles with cru...

  • Long and Lean

    Finding length and mobility is key to having a healthy body. This workout focuses on lengthening out those muscles.
    Pike to plank
    Lunge with twist and triangle pose
    The hundred
    Single leg circle with tree
    Ab series
    Spine stretch forward
    Three-legged dog
    Forearm side kick series