Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Athletic Pilates

WEEK 10 • 24m

Up Next in WEEK 10

  • Ballin' - Stability Ball Workout

    If you don't have a stability ball just yet, you can use a pillow or do all of this without the ball. It's still a great workout!
    Planks - shifts, leg lifts, shoulder taps
    Ball below the taps of the shoulder blades - crunches, pulses, table leg crunches, add twist,
    All fours...

  • I'm With the Band - Upper Body

    My favorite item to travel with? These bands! You can take them anywhere and get a great workout in.

    Lift overhead and lower.
    Press out.
    Single arm press outs.
    Chest expansion.
    90 degree lifts.
    Bicep curls.
    Triceps extension.
    All fours, reach out.
    Mini plank, reach out.
    Plank hold.

  • Fantastic Abs

    Tailbone Tucks.
    Knee to nose.
    Knee across body.
    Half roll back.
    Half roll back twist.
    Legs float up, twist.
    Ab Series with a twist.
    Swan stretch.
    Forearm plank hip dips.
    Forearm plank to high plank.
    Teaser prep.
    The teaser.