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Watch this video and more on Jeni Del Pozo

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Dancer Abs + Lower Body

The Workouts • 20m

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  • Ballin' - Stability Ball Workout

    If you don't have a stability ball just yet, you can use a pillow or do all of this without the ball. It's still a great workout!
    Planks - shifts, leg lifts, shoulder taps
    Ball below the taps of the shoulder blades - crunches, pulses, table leg crunches, add twist,
    All fours...

  • Core Crush

    Feel free to modify by keep legs at table top or a higher angle towards the ceiling when you need! If the head and neck need a break, come down and come back into the work when you are ready.

    The Hundred
    Slip of the hands
    Knee stretches
    Shoulder taps
    Swan stretch
    Ab series

  • Trainer Tip - Use Your Lats

    Keep your elbows more at a diagonal vs. wide to the sides and feel the difference! You'll be able to keep your shoulders down, tension out of the neck, and connect to your lats better. when you can connect to your lats, you automatically connect to your transverse abs, which are the deepest lay...